Walking in the heart of Alto-Adige

A 6 day walking tour
Walking tour
Walking Tour
Difficulty level 2,5
Individual tour
Self guided tour
code: ITTRE02W
Trentino – South Tyrol


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The chestnut walk in Upper Adige

Bressanone-Chiusa-Renon-Bolzano-Lake Caldaro-Lana-Merano

On the sunny side of the Alps and in the shadow of the Dolomites, you are walking in the heart of Alto-Adigethrough some of the prettiest parts of SOUTH TYROL (Upper Adige). In this area are some of the most beautiful promenades, walking trails that offer sweeping panoramas. The main part of this tour is between Brixen (Bressanone), the cultural capital, and with its 1000 years the oldest town of Tyrol, and Bozen (Bolzano), the provincial capital. Bressanone has a lively medieval town centre with churches and museums to visit and excellent restaurants inviting you to taste the local specialties. The area covered combines the Tyrolean culture to the north with the Italian to the South.

Walking in the heart of Alto-Adige

The area covered combines the Tyrolean culture to the north with the Italian to the South. A surprise is the Säben Mountain, also called the Holy Mountain, and its monastery, artistically a pearl, and one of the oldest pilgrimage places of South-Tyrol.  The first part of the walk is following the Chestnut Path (“Keschtnweg”) and it will give you an unforgettable view of the beautiful plateau above Bozen, south of the Dolomites. You pass close to the village of Ritten (Renon), the “fashionable” summer resort for the rich from the capital city.

Vineyards and orchards line your way on your hike through one of the most beautiful areas in the centre of the South Tyrolean wine region. Lake Kaltern (Caldaro), the best-known lake in South Tyrol, is a further highlight on this route. Its water reflects the green landscape in all its green shades. Castles, palaces, and manor houses emboss the landscape of the South Tyrolean Wine Route where numerous wineries offer tastings of their superb wines. The excellent cuisine, a perfect mixture of the Tyrolean and Mediterranean cuisine, amazing wines, and stunning panorama create an unforgettable walking experience.

The daily program of the 6-day tour

Individual arrival at your hotel in Bressanone. If you arrive early in the day, you will have time to explore this thousand-year-old town with its colorful alleys, nice shops and traditional festivals.

Overnight with breakfast in Bressanone

Leaving Bressanone you hike up to the Pfeffersberg, passing small hamlets and mountain farms on your way along the plateau. To the south, you have a wonderful view of the Dolomites summits. You reach Velturno (Feldthurns) and carry on to the Säben convent, the Acropolis of South Tyrol. Cloistered Benedictine nuns live in this 17th-century convent and it is not open to the public. Your overnight stay is in Chiusa (Klausen) a picturesque village, which is often visited by painters and poets. In the evening in Chiusa, brief tour information will be held.

Overnight with breakfast in Chiusa

Distance: 15 km / 9,3 miles

Ascent & Descent: + 580 – 620m

Walking time: 5 hrs

After a short transfer by bus to Barbiano / Saubach, the start of your walk of today, you reach Renon (Ritten) on foot, a wonderful plateau above the Eisack Valley with impressive views of the Dolomites and the Schlern (2461m a.s.l.).  You will pass the Earth Pyramids, a phenomenon created by erosion and occurring above all in the places where Ice Age glaciers have deposited moraine silt in the valleys. A cable car will take you to Bolzano, a town surrounded by many castles. In the evening, you will have time to visit this lively town, which unites Italian and Austrian cultures. Due to its position, Bolzano is because of its position also called the gate of the Dolomites. You can visit many places of interest here, such as the cathedral, the 13th-century Dominican church with a beautiful fresco by Michael Pacher (15th century), and a modern art museum. To shorten the route you can take the cable car ‘Rittnerbahn’ from Collalbo (Klobenstein) to Soprabolzano (Oberbozen).   

Overnight with breakfast in Bolzano

Distance: 17,5 km /10,8 miles

Ascent & Descent: + 670m – 280m

Walking time: 5-6 hrs

The sunny south of South Tyrol is awaiting you! Today you will discover the area around the most famous –and warmest- mountain lake of South Tyrol; lago di Caldaro (Lake Kaltern). This is a renowned wine-growing region of the Caldaro Doc wines, appreciated for not only its outstanding vines, but also the numerous castles, manor houses, churches and farms. A must for every wine lover is a visit to the South Tyrolean wine museum in Caldaro (Kaltern), which gives an insight into the history of South Tyrolean wines. You can shorten the itinerary by taking a bus from the lake to the village.

Return to Bolzano by bus.

Overnight with breakfast in Bolzano

Distance: 15,5 km / 9,6 miles

Ascent & Descent: + 340m – 360m

Walking time: 4/5 hrs

After breakfast, there is a transfer to Lana. Shortly after Lana, the hiking route continues along the famous Marlinger Waals – the longest irrigation ditch in South Tyrol. These irrigation ditches known as ‘Waale’ were constructed hundreds of years ago to supply dry strips of land with water. Today these ditches make wonderful footpaths used for walking. The route continues below Tyrol Castle along the famous ‘Tappeiner Weg’ towards Merano. Empress Sissi knew how to appreciate the mild climate. Inviting centuries-old arbours and superb parks adds to the completion of a perfect day. Merano is a lovely town with an inviting historical centre. Maybe it is a good idea to visit the gardens of the Trauttmansdorff Castle.

Overnight with breakfast in Merano

Distance: 19 km /11,8 miles

Ascent & Descent: + 220m –240m

Walking time: 6/7 hrs

Walking in the heart of Alto-Adige ends after breakfast.

Walking in the heart of Alto-Adige

Walking in the heart of Alto-Adige
Self guided tour
Difficulty level 2,5
A 6 day walking tour

Bressanone-Chiusa-Renon-Bolzano-Lake Caldaro-Lana-Merano

Code | ITTRE02W

Moderate walking tour. Some walking experience is needed. You walk along well-marked paths, mainly signposted across meadows and throughout the forests. The Dolomites are always in view and the paths offer no element of danger. You can use public transport on some of the routes to shorten the walking distances.  The tour is suitable for children from 12 years and on with walking experience.

Daily distances:  between 15 km / 9,3 miles and 19 km / 11,8 miles

Total km: 67 km / 41,6 mi


Arrivals every Saturday and every Wednesday from 13/04/2024 until 06/10/2024 (last available date).


2 or more people (solo traveller on request).


Bressanone (Brixen) / Merano (Meran) 

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Walking in the heart of South Tyrol

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