Euganean Thermal District

a 6-day family cycle tour
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Difficulty level 1,5
Individual tour
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Thermal baths, art & culture

Abano Terme-Monselice-Montegrotto Terme-Padua-Praglia

The well-known thermal resorts of Abano and Montegrotto, surrounded by the

Natural Park of the Euganean Hills, represent the largest thermal area in Europe. Today, thanks to the ever-growing network of paths and cycle paths, the area can be easily explored by bike, even by families with children. The Euganean area is among the most renowned in Italy for the presence of thermal springs, an important tourist attraction at an international level. The hydrominerary basin of the Euganean Hills includes the municipalities of Abano Terme, Arquà Petrarca, Baone, Battaglia Terme, Due Carrare, Galzignano Terme, Monselice, Montegrotto Terme, Teolo and Torreglia, for a total extension of about 23 Km².

The properties of the Euganean thermal waters have been known since ancient times, as evidenced by the cult of the ancient Venetians for the god Aponus, to whom beneficial healing effects were attributed. Archaeological evidence still visible today, especially at Montegrotto Terme, highlight how important thermal baths were at Roman times: this is also mentioned in the precious writings of authors such as Tito Livio and Pliny the Elder.

Finally, this beautiful tour will also lead you to Padua, with its beautiful Basilica of Sant’Antonio and the Scrovegni chapel, frescoed by Giotto, and the Villa dei Vescovi, a wonderful example of a Renaissance villa on the Euganean Hills.

From here, you will also have the opportunity to make an easy trek on Mount Pirio, following the Terre Bianche path between vineyards and olive groves. A trip suitable for the whole family, a perfect combination of cycling routes, thermal breaks, art, culture and short treks.

The daily program of the 6-day tour

Individual arrival in the Euganean thermal area, an oasis of health and well-being in a unique territory, surrounded by a rich natural environment and boasting an important historical-artistic heritage, dating back to the Roman, medieval and “Venetian” periods. This region is also known for a rich culinary tradition based on quality local products, such as olive oil and wine.

Overnight with breakfast in Abano Terme

Today you will start cycling through the so-called “Wild Valleys” towards the 17th century Villa Barbarigo, famous for its allegorical Italian garden, where children can go and play getting lost in the maze. The second stop will be Arquà Petrarca, a medieval jewel where the poet Petrarch spent his last days. Here, you will have a tasting of local wine and olive oil. From Arquà, an easy trekking of 45 minutes and you will reach the plateau of Mottolone, one of the best points with magnificent views of the Euganean Hills. Then you will continue to the ancient city of Monselice, with a Venetian heart, surrounded by medieval walls. At the Buzzacarini Park, children will find a pond and a playground to have fun before returning to the hotel by bike. Today’s itinerary is mostly flat, with a few climbs and descents and develops on secondary roads.


Overnight with breakfast in Abano Terme

Distance by bike: 20 km /12,5 mi

Ascent: + 150m

Distance on foot: 5 km /3 mi

Today you will visit Battaglia Terme with its Museo della Navigazione Fluviale (River Navigation Museum), that tells the story of the boatmen (the so-called “barcari”) who transported goods from the Euganean Hills to Venice.

Along the cycle path of the Vigenzone canal, you will reach the hamlet of Pontemanco with its mills. Then you will continue to Mezzavia, where you can visit the San Pelagio Castle which houses the Air Museum with the history of human flight, from Leonardo da Vinci to the Mongolfier brothers up to Neil Armstrong. In Montegrotto Terme, a thermal town renowned throughout the world, you can visit the art glass museum, the Butterfly Arc – House of butterflies and important Roman excavations. In the afternoon you can take a boat trip along the Battaglia canal aboard a traditional Venetian boat, the so-called “caorlina”. Today’s itinerary is totally flat. In the first part you will cycle along the river on unpaved roads, then on secondary roads and some sections of the cycle path.

Overnight with breakfast in Abano Terme

Distance: 25 km / 15,5 mi

Ascent: + 50m

Today’s stage is dedicated to a visit of Padua. You will first pass through the centre of Abano Terme, a tourist destination for over 2000 years for its thermal waters and the most important and ancient spa in Europe. You will then continue towards the Castle of Montecchia, and then you will reach the cycle path of the Bacchiglione river, which will lead you directly to Padua, where you can easily spend the whole day without getting bored. In Padua we recommend a visit to the Botanical Garden, founded in 1545: it is the oldest university botanical garden in the world and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997. Do not miss the Basilica of Sant’Antonio da Padova, the famous “Prato della Valle” square and the Scrovegni Chapel, frescoed by Giotto. The Basilica di Sant’Antonio is the main attraction of Padua and one of the major masterpieces in the world. Recognized by the Vatican as an international sanctuary, it is also one of the most famous and popular places of worship in Christianity. Return to the hotel by bike or train. Today’s itinerary is completely flat and develops on secondary roads. There are unpaved stretches at the foot of Monterosso, along the Bacchiglione river and the Battaglia canal.


Overnight with breakfast in Abano Terme

Distance: 30 km / 18,6 mi or 50 km /31 mi

Ascent: + 80m or + 100m

Today’s stage will make you discover the sixteenth-century Villa dei Vescovi, a villa situated in Luvigliano, in the municipality of Torreglia. The building dates back to the Renaissance and is inspired by a Roman domus. It can be considered the first example of the rediscovery of Roman classicism in the hinterland of the Serenissima. From there you can reach Monte Pirio with an easy and short trekking on the “Terre Bianche” path between vineyards and olive trees, up to the small church dedicated to the Alpine forces. You will also have the opportunity to visit the Benedictine Abbey of Praglia, an important international center for the restoration of ancient books. It currently houses the National Library and is run by the Abbot Don Stefano Visintin; the community has 49 monks. Before arriving in Praglia you will cross the San Daniele Biotope, where you can walk along the lakes that house colonies of turtles.

Itinerary on secondary roads, some climbs and descents and unpaved stretches to reach the Benedictine abbey of Praglia.


Overnight with breakfast in Abano Terme

Distance by bike: 40 km /25 mi

Ascent: + 150m

Distance on foot: 5 km / 3 mi

After breakfast, end of the tour and our services.


Difficulty level 1,5
Euganean Thermal District
a 6-day family cycle tour

Abano Terme-Monselice-Montegrotto Terme-Padua-Praglia

Code | ITVEN01C

You cycle mainly on flat areas, with few and short climbs and descents. The itineraries are easy, suitable for everyone. A minimum of bike travel experience is required. The land is 85% asphalted and 15% unpaved. There is the possibility of shortening the itinerary by taking the train on day 4.Total difference in height uphill: 350 m.

These are 4 easy itineraries, all flat with some slight climbs and descents. The itineraries develop along safe and quiet cycle paths, with very little traffic.

Total km of trekking: 10 km / 6,2 mi

Total difference in height uphill for trekking: 400 m.

Total km: min 115 km / 71,5 mi – max 135 km / 83,9 mi



Daily from 27 March until 23 October


1 or more people.


Abano / Abano 

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Euganean Thermal District

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