Corno alle Scale: a hidden paradise between Bologna and Florence

7 day walking tour
Walking tour
Walking Tour
Difficulty level 3
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Self guided tour
code: ITEMI03W
Emilia – Romagna


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Regional Park Corno alle Scale

Lizzano in Belvedere-Pianaccio-Il Passo del Cancellino-Vidiciatico-Dardagna Falls

This lovely walking vacation begins in Lizzano Belvedere, a small oasis in the Regional Park of CORNO ALLE SCALE on the border between Emilia Romagna and Tuscany. In this protected mountainous area you walk on well marked Italian Alpine Club trails (CAI) passing through isolated valleys full of chestnuts, oaks, beeches, maples. You will reach the peaks of the Apennine area with as highlight the top of the mountain Corno alle Scale (about 2.000 meters above sea level). You pass small villages  situated in green forest, sanctuaries and waterfalls flowing down from mountains. Walking along quiet mountain trails it is easily to hear the sound of the whistling marmot or see in the woods deer’s, foxes, wild boars, hazes and squirrels.

Corno alle Scale

Discover this still unknown part of Italy, a unique place for a walking vacation, where you will have a unique encounter with true hospitality. It is a place to rediscover the more human rhythms of life, natural aromas and flavours, enjoy organic drinks and delicious traditional dishes. You will taste excellent wines combined with fresh and aged cheeses of local milk, because you are in the middle of the Parmigiano Reggiano production area. Moreover, just a few miles from here, in the province of Modena, are produced the famous balsamic vinegar and ham.

A highlight of this tour are the hosts of the three hotels, Carmen, Irene and Linda who will take excellent care of you during your stay. They will advise you about the walks, weather report, help with the transfers and will prepare you delicious meals and lunch packages.

Corno alle Scale park

The Corno alle Scale regional park is situated in the Apennines, just 80km from Florence and 80 km from Bologna, at the border between Emilia Romagna and Tuscany, The Corno alle Scale park offers visitors the opportunity to enter in direct contact with nature in all seasons and enjoy unforgettable moments of well-being, relaxation, fun and folklore. The park covers five thousand hectares on the ridge of the imposing Corno alle Scale (1944 m) chain, the highest peak of the park and of the Bologna Apennines. Mount Corno alle Scale is marked by sandstone layers right to the top (giving it its name “scale” meaning steps), which are easily visible and look like the side of a book resting on the beech woods. The central axis of this protected area stretches north with Mount Nuda (1828 m) and east with Mount Gennaio (1812 m), which dominates the Silla Valley. Near the two main towns, Lizzano in Belvedere and Vidiciatico, there are the wooded sides of Mount Pizzo (1194 m) and Mount Grande (1531 m) respectively.

The daily program of the 7-day tour

The Gasparini family will warmly welcome you into their *** mountain hotel. If customers arrive at the railway station of Porretta Terme (from Bologna direct train via Bologna-Pistoia) it is possible to organize a transfer with taxi or private mini-bus.

The rooms of the hotel are comfortable and all have private bathrooms. In the garden, you can relax in the sun with a good book or just enjoy the fresh air of the countryside. This evening begins your exploration of the most delicious regional dishes

Dinner and overnight stay in Lizzano di Belvedere.  

After breakfast, you will have a short transfer to the start of your walk in Raspadore. An old footpath takes you up to the summit of Mount Belvedere (1138m a.s.l.) where you will have a fantastic 360 ° view of the surrounding Apennine mountains. Here are still visible the remains of a medieval castle built in 1287 by the town of Bologna to defend its borders. The route follows the “Sentiero della Libertà” trail (path of freedom) that recalls the struggle to recapture the Gothic Line during the Second World War. On foot you return to Lizzano di Belvedere. Dinner and overnight stay Hotel ***

Starting point of your walk: 598m – highest point 1138m

Distance: 13,5 Km (8,3 miles)

Walking time: 5 hrs

Ascent/Descent:  + 660m – 640m

The walk of today begins in Lizzano. You walk through oak and beech forest, passing an old water mill and the 17th century Sanctuary of Madonna del Faggio. You will reach the medieval village Monteacuto from where you have beautiful view of the east face of the Corno alle Scale. You continue to your final destination of today, Pianaccio. Your overnight stay, surrounded by chestnuts, is in the hotel, which for over 100 years is run by the same family. Besides a warm welcome you will be served an excellent dinner.

Dinner and overnight in Pianaccio


Starting point of your walk: Lizzano Belvedere 650m – highest point 913m – arrival Pianaccio 750m

Distance: 11,5 km (7,5 miles)

Walking time: 4 hrs 30 min 

Ascent/Descent:  + 700m – 625m

After breakfast, you will have a short transfer to Sega Vecchia where today’s trail starts. You walk to the pass ‘Passo del Lupo’ and here you will have a stunning view over the valley of the river Causso and the surrounding mountain peaks. You continue walking through beech forests and crossing mountain meadows to reach the mountain hut Porta Franca, which is located in the region of Tuscany. The route rises still a bit until you reach the Poggio delle Ignude ridge (1651 m) and then starts a well deserved descent to the Passo del Cancellino pass. After some great views over the valley ‘Valle del Silla’ and the mountains Corno alle Scale and La Nuda, the route takes you back to Sega Vecchia and from here it is a 1,2 miles walk to return back to Pianaccio. Dinner and overnight stay at Pianaccio


Starting point of your walk: Segavecchia 930m – highest point 1651m – arrival Pianaccio 750m

Distance: 16,5 km (10,3 miles)

Walking time: 6 hrs

Ascent/Descent:  + 830m – 970m

Today you can choose whether you want to follow route 115, which starts in the village Pianaccio or to start your walk from the Sega Vecchia mountain hut. After this mountain hut, you reach the junction of roads, called Sboccata dei Bagnadori, and here you can choose again between two variants: the route that will take you directly to the Croce dei Colli (1234m), then continues to Cà Lenzi and ends in Vidiciatico. The longer route goes to the summit of Monte Grande (1531m) from where you have a beautiful view over the national park. Both routes are ending in Vidiciatico, where you spend the night in the centre of town in the family hotel *** Dinner and overnight stay in Vidiciatico


Starting point of your walk Pianaccio 750m -highest point 1531m – end of walk Vidiciatico (810m)

Distance: 10 km (6,2 miles) -12 km (7,5 miles)

Walking time: 4hrs 15 min -5 hrs  

Ascent/Descent:  + 840m – 815m

You have a short transfer to the mountain lakeLaghetto del Cavone‘ (1435m), which is the starting point of a scenic route crossing the valley Valle del Rio. Near the sources of the Rio Piano you continue your walk to the “Passo del Vallone” pass and then you continue climbing to reach the summit of’ Monte La Nuda ‘(1828m). The trail descends along the Via dei Signori and reaches first the plain ‘Pian d’Ivo’ and then the Sboccata dei Bagnadori. Here you can choose to follow the route of yesterday to Croce dei Colli, Cà Lenzi till Vidiciatico, or route 127 to Budiara and then 1,2 miles along a quiet asphalted road to Vidiciatico. Dinner and overnight stay in Vidiciatico Dinner and overnight stay 


Starting point: : Madonna dell’Acero (1230m.)  – highest point 1828m end of walk Vidiciatico (810m)

Distance: 12 km (7,5 miles)-14 km (8,7 miles)

Walking time: 4hrs 50 min -5 hrs 25 min

Ascent/Descent:  + 970m – 740m

After breakfast ends your discovery tour through Corno alle Scale


Corno alle Scale: a hidden paradise between Bologna and Florence
Self guided tour
Difficulty level 3
7 day walking tour

Lizzano in Belvedere-Pianaccio-Il Passo del Cancellino-Vidiciatico-Dardagna Falls

Code | ITEMI03W

For walkers with walking experience and good physical condition. Routes middle/high mountainous landscapes with some steep climbs. Day distances between 11 km / 7 mi and 16 km/10 mi with an average of 3 km / 1,9 mi an hour (between 4 and 7 hrs walking). Walking along footpaths, mountain tracks, forest trails and little road walking. Maximum ascent 950m until maximum descent 1050m.


15 May till 15 July and from 20 August till 15 October (15/07-20/08 on request)


2 or more people.


Lizzano in Belvedere / Vidiciatico

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Corno alle Scale: a hidden paradise between Bologna and Florence

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