Camminare nella Verde Istria

A 7-day walking tour in Croatia
Walking tour
Individual tour
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Walking Adventure Through Green Istria

Buje-Grožnjan-Motovun-Oprtalj-Buzet-Hum-Mount Učka-Lovran

Imagine walking through green countryside full of vineyards, olive trees, rivers and forests, full of authentic Croatians villages and medieval towns. Indeed, it is like walking in a dream, which came true! Enjoy this walking adventure through green Istria. Discover its natural beauty opening before you step by step along every winding of the road. During this tour, you will learn about the culture and heritage of Istria and visit small picturesque towns, built on the hilltops. It is a tour with beautiful sceneries, which offer unforgettable views, which will leave you breathless.

Visit Hum, the smallest town in the world and experience the spirit of the past in Motovun and Grožnjan, the town of artists. You will see the best of Istria, walking through Učka Natural Park, which contains a great diversity of flora and fauna. Finally yet importantly, you will taste the delicious flavours of the local Istrian delicacies and wines.

The daily program of the 7-day tour

Individual arrival in Istria. Briefing with our local representative at 7pm at the hotel reception. In this occasion will be handed over the tour package including hotel vouchers, maps and a road book, luggage tags.

Overnight stay in the Buje Area

Accommodation: *** stars Guesthouse or **** Hotels/***** wine residence

Transfer: to first hotel is not included

You have a short transfer to Brtonigla. Pathways that lead towards the meadows and woods cross the numerous acres of vineyards and olive groves. You walk surrounded by a vibrating nature, still intact and far away from the modern civilization. It is the area of the famous Istrian superior wines and extra-virgin olive oils. There are many family wine farmers and you will discover the authentic power of the local lifestyle and can make maybe a stop to taste these excellent wines. After 3 hours walking through vineyards, you reach Buje, a small town hilltop town. From the village you can enjoy the pretty view of terraced fields and arable land, vineyards and olive groves. Enjoy visiting this town full of history and culture. Walking along the ex-old railway, the route finishes in front of your hotel Overnight in Buje area.

Overnight with breakfast in Buje area

Accommodation: *** stars Guesthouse or **** Hotels/***** wine residence

Transfer: 10 minutes transfer included

Walking distance: 15 km / 9,3 miles

Ascent/Descent: + 323m – 313m.

Walking Time: 4/5 hours.

After breakfast, you start with exploring Istrian villages and hidden paths of this magnificent area. After a short transfer of 10 minutes your walk starts along the ex railway Parenzana. Parenzana was an Austrian railway line of 123 km long, connecting Trieste with Poreč and passing small towns. The railway was in function from 1902 until 1935, and today, the track has been taken in use again as a cycling and walking path through the Istrian hills. Grožnjan will be your starting point. You pass through galleries, old bridges and will have nice viewpoints along your walk. You reach the village of Livade, a famous truffle centre. Here you can taste and buy some products with truffles. On the other side of Livade, built on a hill is the town of Motovun, where you will have your overnight stay.

Overnight with breakfast in Motovun.

Accommodation: *** stars B&B or 3 stars Hotel / **** Hotel

Transfer: 10 minutes transfer + luggage transfer included


Longer route:

Walking distance: 24 km / 15 miles

Ascent & Descent: + 455m – 478m.

Walking time: 5-6 hours.


Shorter route:

Walking distance: 20 km / 12,5 mi

Walking time: 5-6 hours.

After breakfast, you will have a short transfer to Oprtalj, a picturesque little town, in the hearth of the Istrian peninsula. From here starts the Istrian Mountain Trail, a route that goes downhill into the forest and passing Sv.Ivan (st.John) village. The next village is St. Lucija with also a very beautiful church. Then you come to a point where one of the best views on river Mirna valley is. The trail passes the Pietrapelosa castle and then leads down into the valley. After passing an aqueduct, the trail goes uphill towards the village of Mali Mlun and after some more villages; it opens a beautiful view on the town of Buzet. Through a forest and fields, the trail will get you to Buzet.

Overnight with breakfast in Buzet.

Accommodation: *** stars hotel / **** stars hotel

Transfer: 15 min transfer + luggage transfer included


Longer route:

Walking distance: 19 km / 12 miles

Ascent & Descent: + 622m – 866m

Walking time: 5/6 hours.


Shorter route:

Walking distance: 8 km / 5 miles

Walking time: 2/3 hours.

Today there is a ring walk to Hum or you can choose for a shorter route.  The trail starts at the river and you follow it into the forest. You pass some waterfalls and small lakes. The route is not too steep and will lead you to Korita, where water sources make natural pools and here we find also an old watermill. The trail continues following the riverbed and passes through Benčići, an abandoned village where you still can see traditional Istrian stone houses. Then you will have the first view of Hum and its typical church tower. When you get to Hum, take a walk and you’ll understand why it’s called the smallest town in the world. In Hum you can eat in the local “konoba“, a word from the local dialect that means restaurant. The “konoba” in Hum offers good traditional Istrian dishes. The «way of mistletoe» will lead you back to Buzet. It takes about 3 hours of hiking in one way.

Overnight with breakfast in Buzet.

Accommodation: *** stars hotel / **** stars hotel

Transfer: not included


Longer route:

Walking distance: 26 km / 16 miles;

Ascent & Descent: + 534m – 534m.

Walking time: 7-8 hours.


Shorter route:

Walking distance: 14 km / 8 miles;

Walking time: 3/4 hours.

Transfer to Poklon, where your walk of today will start. It goes uphill to the top of Učka Mountain, which is highest mountain in Istria with altitude of 1401 m. From the top it goes all the way down till you reach sea level in Lovran. The path crosses oak and chestnut woods that give a pleasant freshness in hot summers. The climbing to the summit of Učka (Vojak) will be rewarded with a stunning panorama over Kvarner bay, sea and coastal towns, as well as the surrounding mountains: Obruc, Snjeznikand Risnjak… the Western side the whole Istria peninsula lies in front of you. Sometimes, if the visibility is good, you can view till Venice and the Alps in the north.

Overnight with breakfast in Lovran.

Accommodation: **** stars hotels

Included Transfer: 30 min transfer from Buzet to Poklon (Start point) + luggage transfer


Longer route:

Walking distance: 12 km / 7,5 miles

Ascent & Descent: + 452m – 1400m

Walking time: 5 hours.


Shorter route:

Walking distance: 6 km / 3,7 miles

Ascent & Descent: + 90m – 390m

Walking time: 2 hours.


Camminare nella Verde Istria
A 7-day walking tour in Croatia

Buje-Grožnjan-Motovun-Oprtalj-Buzet-Hum-Mount Učka-Lovran

Code | CRO01W

A walking tour with choices between longer walks (lev. 3) and shorter walks lev. 2,5 with significant differences in level. For walkers with experience and good physical condition.

Total km: from 63 km / 39 mi to 96 km / 60 mi


Daily from March until end of November


1 or more people.


Buje / Lovran 

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Walking in green Istria

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