Way of the Gods: Bologna – Florence

An 8-day journey on foot
Walking tour
Walking Tour
Difficulty level 3
Individual tour
Self guided tour
code: ITEMI01W
Emilia – Romagna, Tuscany


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Via degli Dei

Bologna-Sasso Marconi-Monzuno-Bruscoli-San Piero a Sieve-Olmo-Florence

The Way of the Gods (Via degli Dei)  is a walking route for trained walkers, crossing the Apennines, connecting Piazza Maggiore in BOLOGNA with Piazza della Signoria in Florence, two enchanting cities steeped in art and history. Bologna with its long history, its churches, its friendly people and its delicious food…nothing better than ending a long day with a good plate of tortellini in brodo. And then Florence, what can I tell you about Florence? Home of great artists, great Art works and refuge of deep souls….

The Via degli Dei, why is it called in that way? Almost always itineraries are named after the places, mountains, and valleys that surround them. In this case, our itinerary of no less than 130 km crosses Monte Adone (Adonis), Monzuno (the mount of Jupiter), Monte Venere (Venus) and Monte Laurio…

Enjoy nature, centuries-old woods, small mountain villages, stunning views and excellent food. Nothing better than after a long walk gain strength with a Lasagna alla Bolognese, Tortelli di Patate and Ribollita. You will be walking on the Apennine ridge, along the remains of a Roman military road, called “Flaminia Militare“, built by the Romans in 187 BC. This road passing through Fiesole, connected Bologna to Arezzo! A unique walking trip, to be made at least once in a lifetime.  

The daily program of the 8-day tour

Individual arrival in Bologna and accommodation in hotel. Depending on your arrival time in the city, you can visit the capital of Emilia Romagna, a lively city full of opportunities. The Torre degli Asinelli and the Torre Garisenda are the symbols of the medieval city and these two towers dominate the historical centre from above.

Be sure to sample also all the delicacies this city has to offer: Parmigiano Reggiano, tagliatelle al ragu, mortadella, balsamic vinegar, tortellini and Passatelli in broth and truffle pasta.

Overnight stay and breakfast in Bologna

The Street of the Gods begins at the iconic statue of Neptune at the square Piazza Maggiore and continues through the longest portico in the world: the portico of San Luca.

You will end your first stop, after walking through the unspoiled nature of the Chiusa Park, at the small town of Sasso Marconi, named after Nobel Prize winner Guglielmo Marconi.

Overnight stay and breakfast in Sasso Marconi

Distance: 21 km /13 mi

Elevation gain: +400m -400m

Ascent/ descent: +400m -300m

After breakfast, you will have a private transfer to the starting point of the walk. The Contrafforte Pliocenico Nature Reserve awaits you; following the trails you will arrive on Monte Adone from where you can get a preview from above of the Via degli Dei towards Florence. Today’s destination is Monzuno, where you can visit the Nino Bertocchi – Lea Colliva picture gallery.

Overnight stay and breakfast in Monzuno

Distance: 17 km / 10,6 mi

Elevation gain: +620m -380m

The walk continues towards Le Croci, once the border between the Grand Duchy of Tuscany and the Papal States. You will arrive at the small village Madonna dei Fornelli, which originates around the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Neve. The village has an ancient history and its name recalls the remote tradition of processing wood into charcoal to cope with the area’s harsh winters (800 metres above sea level). You will end the day with your arrival at the Bruscoli farmhouse.

Overnight stay and breakfast in Bruscoli

Distance: 20 km / 12,4 mi

Elevation gain: +840m -560m

A beautiful walk through the woods will take you to the Futa Pass, where you will find the solemn Germanic military cemetery, last home of German soldiers who died along the Gothic Line. Today there are sections of the Flaminia Militare, the ancient Roman route dated 187 B.C., that will accompany you at several points on this stage.  Particular is the Piana degli Ossi, where there are the remains of 6 ancient furnaces, presumably 2nd century BC. In Santa’Agata you can have a well-deserved break and you could decide in this village to shorten the route by taking the bus to San Piero a Sieve.

Overnight stay and breakfast in San Piero a Sieve

Distance: 30 km / 18,6 mi or 21 km / 13 mi

Elevation gain: +590m -1290m

Completely immersed in nature, among woods of chestnut, hazel and oak trees, juniper bushes, large clearings and fields of olive trees. You will have a chance to see the village of Trebbio, and with a short deviation its castle, a place where Lorenzo the Magnificent loved to spend his hunting stays. At the convent of Monte Senario take a break at the friars’ refreshment point, after which continue for the last stretch.

Overnight stay and breakfast in Olmo

Distance: 20 km / 12,4 mi

Elevation gain: +820m -600m

With your arrival in Fiesole, you will have the opportunity to visit the archaeological site with thermal baths and Roman amphitheater bordered by ancient Etruscan walls. From here you can decide to continue your walk to Florence or take a bus to dedicate some more time to this art city. One of the most famous monuments in Florence is the magnificent Duomo Santa Maria del Fiore, with its imposing red dome dominating the city skyline. Very enjoyable is a stroll across Pontevecchio, Piazza della signoria and to visit the famous museums like the Uffizi and Palazzo Pitti. In order to fully enjoy Florence, there is the option of requesting an extra night, so you can take your time to visit the entire city.

Overnight stay with breakfast in Florence

Distance: 17 km / 10,6 mi or 10 km / 6,2 mi

Elevation gain: +290m -670m

After breakfast, this divine walking tour ends

Impressions from Bologna to Florence

Self guided tour
Difficulty level 3
An 8-day journey on foot

Bologna-Sasso Marconi-Monzuno-Bruscoli-San Piero a Sieve-Olmo-Florence

Code | ITEMI01W

A tour for experienced, well-trained walkers with good physical condition. Long itineraries with significant elevation gain. Some days there is the possibility of shortening sections (2 times) by public transport.

Total ascent: +4.755 m

total descent: -4.771 m

Minimum height: 48 m

maximum height: 1.200 m

Daily distances: minimum 17 km / 10,6 mil – maximum 30 km / 18,6 mi

Total km: max 125km / 78 mi or min. 109 km / 68 mi


1 or more people


Bologna / Florence

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Way of the Gods: Bologna - Florence

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