The beauties of Campania: Amalfi coast & Capri

a 7 days walking tour
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Italy's most beautiful coastline

Amalfi – Atrani – Sorrento – Positano – Capri – Pompeii – Vesuvius

The Amalfi Coast is probably Italy’s most beautiful coastline. Located on the southern side of the Sorrento Peninsula, the Costiera Amalfitana is protected from the cold northern winds by its impressive mountains and therefore has a wonderful climate all year long. Campania boasts centuries of rich and fascinating history: long before the construction of the Baroque Palaces and the Churches of Spacca, these lands belonged first to the Greeks and then to the Ancient Romans.

All the greatest artists were attracted by the charm of Naples and its surroundings, from the early ages to the Romantic era. Since the ancient Neapolis, founded by the Greeks, to the immense splendor of the Baroque era, the city, and the surrounded area have fascinated millions of visitors, who loved its artistic treasures, as well as its lovely climate and the beauty of nature all around. The ancient Romans certainly were not wrong when they chose Ercolano and Baia as privileged destinations for their holidays. Don’t forget the Vesuvius, the great volcano, whose historic eruption of 79 AD has given us precious Roman remains, buried under the ashes of Pompeii, a great treasure, giving us more knowledge about Roman daily life.

Further, south we find Amalfi, which had its maximum splendor from the 10th to the 11th century, when it became the first Maritime Republic in Italy, playing a great role in the commerce with the East.

Therefore, we invite you to discover POMPEII and the paths of the Amalfi Coast, from Ravello to Positano, the Valle dei Mulini, the Canyon di Furore, and the Sentiero degli Dei, without forgetting the sunny island, the jewel of the Gulf of Naples, Capri.

The daily program of the 7-day tour

Individual arrival in Amalfi. After settling in at your *** hotel there is time for a quick visit to the town centre. Amalfi was the most powerful maritime republic at the end of the 10th century; possibility to visit the cloister of the Paradise, the church and the museum of paper. A good idea could be also a refreshing swim to wash off the weariness of the journey.

Overnight with breakfast in Amalfi or Atrani

The tour starts with an easy walk, which introduces you the stunning cultural and natural heritage of the Amalfi Coast. An ancient flight of steps takes you up underneath impressive limestone cliffs to the little village of Pontone. This trail is still used by mules to transport wood. This small town was in medieval town’s part of the defence system of Amalfi. From the Torre dello Ziro, you have a fantastic panorama of Amalfi and Atrani. From here, you join the ‘Valle dei Mulini’, (Mill valley); a place where you still can see the ruins of the paper mills, dating back to the 11th century. You continue your walk along the course of the river through an abundant, green, almost un-Italian landscape. A small detour can be made, through a spectacular scenery with towering cliffs and waterfalls. You return to Amalfi surrounded by lemon trees and the typical evergreen shrubs and small trees, characteristic of Mediterranean coast. The walk is short so there you have still time to visit Amalfi or take a refreshing swim.


Overnight with breakfast in Amalfi or Atrani

Distance: 9-10 km / 5,6 mi- 6,2 mi

Walking time: 3h – 4h

Today you first take a local bus up to the charming historic village of Ravello. Ravello is one of the most exclusive villages on the Amalfi Coast, and visited by many artists over the centuries as its lofty position and sunny, dry climate made it an appealing place to writers, artists, musicians and travellers from northern Europe. In Ravello you can visit the Cathedral dedicated to San Pantaleone It preserves the blood relic of the saint that liquefies every year. From the village of Ravello, overhanging the sea, at an altitude of 300 metres, a view catches the Gulf of Salerno and over the Cilento Mountains. Another interesting visit is the Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo of the 11th century, characterised by a variety of styles: Arabic, Sicilian and Norman and source of inspiration for Wagner. Villa Cimbrone, a 19th-century mansion offers fabulous gardens and unequalled views over the Gulf of Salerno. Past the hamlet of Castiglione you cross vineyards and lemon groves, then down along some medieval steps to the beautiful little village of Atrani, very well preserved with narrow alleys. With stunning panorama’s you return to Amalfi.


Overnight with breakfast in Amalfi or Atrani

Distance: 7,5 km / 4,7 mi

Walking time: 3h

After breakfast, you take a local bus up to the small village of Bomerano, positioned on the Agerola high plain. From here starts the spectacular ‘Sentiero degli Dei’ (‘Footpath of the Gods’) and starts a walk with matchless views. This trail was up to the 19th century, the only way to get from the small isolated villages to the tiny terraced fields and vineyards. During your descent, you can admire the entire peninsula and Capri on one side, and the Gulf of Salerno on the other side. Moreover, you will admire this ancient work made by men to create on these steep terrains a safe area where people could find shelter during the Barbarian invasions after the fall of the Roman Empire. The monastery of San Domenico, clung on the mountains, is an evidence of these difficult times. After Montepertuso, you descend to Positano. Its colorful houses are built in an amphitheatre shape, overlooking the sea, giving a unique and picturesque aspect to the village. Free time to explore Positano with the possibility of swimming before you take the bus to go to Sorrento.


Overnight with breakfast in Sorrento

Distance: 9 km / 5,6 miles

Walking time: 4 h

This morning you travel by local train to Pompeii, the largest open-air archaeological site in the world. A unique and extraordinary example of what life was like in the past, fixed forever under lava and ashes by the great eruption of Mount Vesuvius of 79 AD, burying the inhabitants of Pompeii during their daily activities. The most important place of this city was without a doubt the Forum, the ancient square, a vast space surrounded by columns and embellished with marble statues, of which only the pedestals remain today. A visit to Pompeii gives you an amazing insight into the life of a Roman city, especially when walking along its chariot-marked back streets. You will be captivated by the exceptional frescoes found throughout the city or by the opulence of the villas, with their atriums and charming peristyles, owned by the rich and influential of that day. Visit the amphitheatre as well as the Villa of Mysteries with its masterpiece frescoes depicting the secret Dionysus rites, the basilica, temples, public baths, and the tiny Odeon created for music recitals.

In case you want to make a great round walk as well, we recommend climbing Mount Vesuvius, You can make an exciting round walk, completely different from the standard visit to the Vesuvius (and normally closed to the public), which makes you feel like you’re in a completely different world! In addition, the ‘new’ town of Pompeii is definitely worth a stroll, if not only for its amazing sanctuary. Finish your day with an ‘aperitivo’ to look back on a great day.       

Overnight stay with breakfast in Sorrento

Distance: 10 km / 5,7 mi

Walking time: 4,5 h

Today a lovely boat trip to the island of Capri.

The island has a deep and rugged coastline, crowned by the famous faraglioni, big and original rocky cliffs, and from countless caves with evocative games of light. Among these, the most famous is the blue cave (Grotta Azzurra), closely linked to the tourist history of Capri, a myth that resists over time and continues to be a favourite destination for travellers and the international jet set. They meet in the famous piazzetta (little square), theatre of the dolce vita of the island.

From here starts your walk passing through the enchanting alleys of Capri, where you will notice the Moresque influence. Then the walk goes uphill passing the remnants of the Roman villa Iovis and those of the alluring Villa Lysis, rather unknown, but one of the best spots in Capri! Descending towards the untouched coastline of the southern part of the island, you come across the Arco Naturale, a natural bridge, many grottos and finally the famous Faraglioni, three small uninhabited islands, just off the south coast. Through the Gardens of Augustus and the impressive Via Krupp, a beautiful pedestrian way, you descend to the charming Marina Piccola, where you travel back by local bus to your hotel.

It is possible to extend or shorten in many ways your walk, depending on how much time you want to dedicate to walking, relaxing or shopping.


Overnight with breakfast in Sorrento

Distance: 13 km / 8 miles

Ascent & Descent: approx. + 650m -650m

Walking time: 5h

After breakfast ends of the walking tour

Impressions of Amalfi Coast, Sorrento & Capri

Self guided tour
The beauties of Campania: Amalfi coast & Capri
a 7 days walking tour

Amalfi – Atrani – Sorrento – Positano – Capri – Pompeii – Vesuvius

Code | ITCAM01W

Moderate difficulty with some steep climbs along mostly good, accessible walking paths. Sometimes walking along paths with a rough surface. The terrain varies from ancient mule tracks to stone steps cut out of the hillside. Differences in altitude between sea level and 700 meters. Daily walking time is between 3 and 6 hours. Walking experience and good physical condition are necessary. You should be able to walk also 5 hrs a day in the sun on dusty and stony tracks. On some days, extensions or shortcuts are possible.

Daily distances:

Between 7 and 10 km / 4,5 and 5,7 miles

Total km / mi:  47 km / 29 mi


Daily from 15 March until 31 October. Not possible from 06 until 18 August.


2 or more people 


Amalfi or Atrani / Sorrento

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The beauties of Campania: Amalfi coast & Capri

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