The Treasures of Latium

A 7-day cycle tour
Cycling tour
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Difficulty level 2,5
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Fiuggi – Via Appia Antica - Rome

Fiuggi-Canterno lake-Anagni-Rome

This out-of-the-way cycle tour will allow you to explore the whole area between Fiuggi and Rome: you start with the beautiful surroundings of Fiuggi and relax in a 4 * hotel, placed in a green oasis. The hotel has an elegant and luxurious spa area of over 1000 square meters where you can relax and try between different wellness packages. You will pass the Lake of Canterno, which is a natural reserve, home of many protected birds. A round tour will bring you to Anagni, a medieval town that was the summer residence of many Popes. It is a worthwhile to visit the Cathedral and the Popes Palace (Boniface VIII’s Palace).


On day 5, after a visit of Colleferro, a van will leave you at the beginning of the Via Appia, one of the most important ancient Roman roads. It is just outside Rome and a stunning way to enter the town. Along the Appian Way are the tombs of Callisto and San Sebastiano. At the end of the Via Appia, finally you will reach Rome, the eternal city.


Rome is one of the most beautiful and famous cities in the world. It is the capital of Italy and it was one of the most important centers of the ancient world. There are many remains of the Roman Empire to visit like the Colosseum, the Mausoleo of Adriano, the Pantheon and the Fori Imperiali. There is  so much to see, that the list would be too long to mention all the museums, churches, Cathedrals and other monuments. Remember! One lifetime is not enough to really know Rome.

The daily program of the 7-day tour

Upon arrival, you will be given route information and bikes for your tour. After a welcome cocktail, it is possible to cycle around Fiuggi. Fiuggi is known all over the world for its waters: The merits of the waters of this ancient district set in the heart of the Ciociaria were well noted by the ancients and since then generations of visitors have drunk from these springs, in search of the extraordinary benefits that they have offered for over two thousand years.

Overnight with breakfast in Fiuggi

Today a panoramic tour on the edges of Simbruini Mountains. After a gentle climb of 4 km / 2,5 mi, you will reach an altitude of 900 m above sea level, and then you go down freewheeling looking over the incredible landscape of the plateau of Arcinazzo. Again a short climb and you relaxing descend to the picturesque village of Piglio, the land of Cesanese red wine; we recommend to make a break and taste a glass of this delicious nectar. The route back to Fiuggi is  the cycling path made on the ancient railway Rome-Fiuggi, with sweet slopes and pleasant climbs.


Overnight with breakfast in Fiuggi

Distance: 38 km /24 miles

Ascent: + 600 m

Amazing tour around the Lake of Canterno, the biggest lake of the area. It is a natural reserve, home of many protected birds: the cormorant, gray heron, the great and little egret, great crested grebe, the moorhen, the coot, the cuckoo, the tawny owl, the barn owl, the buzzard and sparrow hawk. The lake also is an attraction for many anglers, in fact there it houses many fish species, such as carp, eel, tench, perch and crucian carp. Climbing up to Fumone, you overlook the valley of Sacco river. We recommend to taste here the typical “ciambellina” and the ratafìa (cherry liqueur) in the shade of the medieval castle, where you can see the highest roof garden in Europe. After the descent from the village, you cycle in a very colourful plain on the east side of the lake.


Overnight with breakfast in Fiuggi

Distance: 35 km /22 miles

Ascent: + 653 m

Today’s target is reaching the medieval city of Anagni, the summer residence of many popes. There are many sights to visit in Anagni: the Cathedral, dedicated to Saint Mary, was built in Romanesque style during the years 1071–1105, with Gothic-style additions in the mid-13th century. The frescoes covering all the walls and ceiling are among the best preserved examples of Romanesque/Byzantine art in Italy, and form a single iconographic scheme, which includes natural philosophy, saints, the Apocalypse, and the Old Testament Ark of the Covenant. Then it is worth to visit the Papal Palace (or Boniface VIII’s Palace).
You cycle along vineyards of Cesanese red wine area and you can take a delicious aperitif in a wonderful place overlooking the valley. You return back to Fiuggi with a pleasant climb among green woods.


Overnight with breakfast in Fiuggi

Distance: 51 km /32 miles

Ascent: + 693 m

Along the cycling path Fiuggi-Paliano, you cycle slowly downhill untill you come at 150 m above the sea level. After a stretch  along a gravel road, you arrive at the city of Colleferro where a Van is ready to bring you to the beginning of the Via Appia Antica (The Appian Way). The Appian Way was one of the earliest and strategically most important Roman roads of the ancient Republic. It connected Rome to Brindisi, in southeast Italy. The importance of the Appian Way is indicated by its common name, recorded by Statius: Appia longarum… regina viarum: “the Appia, the queen of the long roads”. The Appian way leads you directly in front of the Colosseum.


Overnight with breakfast in Rome

Distance: 55 km /34 miles

Ascent: + 250 m

The Eternal City invites  you for a visit. Discover Rome’s vitality and the most beautiful corners of Italian’s capital! One lifetime is not enough to really know Rome. That, at least, is what native Romans will tell you.  Piazza Venezia can be considered the city’s central nucleus, with the unmistakable Vittoriano or Vittorio Emanuele II Monument. Behind this impressive structure, we find Piazza del Campidoglio, projected by Michelangelo Buonarroti; it is lined by three buildings, while at its center stands the Statue of Marcus Aurelius. Here, the cordonata, or sloping stairway links the Campidoglio to Piazza dell’Aracoeli, from which a completely different stairway leads up to the Church of Santa Maria in Aracoeli, in which giants of art created visions in sculpture and paint, from Pinturicchio to Donatello. Then, from nearby Piazza Venezia, important roads bearing names inextricably tied to Rome’s history fan out in every direction. One of these is Via dei Fori Imperiali. Moving along this, the ancient Emperor’s Way, as it was known, we see that to the right the Roman Forum appears before us, the civic and economic hotbed of the city (with Trajan’s Market on the opposite side of the Via). But wait – if we look just a little bit further down this road, we may notice the outlines of one of the world’s favourite monuments, the symbol of Rome: the Colosseum. Meanwhile, the Arch of Costantine, considered as the largest and best-preserved arch of the Capital, accompanies it. Enjoy this splendid town and experience its unique charm.


Overnight with breakfast in Rome

Distance: 20 km /13 miles

Ascent: + 0 m

After breakfast ends this tour through Lazio or you could book an extra night to explore more of Rome.


Self guided tour
Difficulty level 2,5
The Treasures of Latium
A 7-day cycle tour

Fiuggi-Canterno lake-Anagni-Rome

Code | ITLAZ01C

Medium difficulty. You cycle through a hilly, panoramic landscape, with several, but not really too hard climbs. Cycle experience is needed. The route has climbs and elevation gain on the first days of the tour. As you approach Rome, the route becomes flatter and easier.

Daily distances between 35 and 55 km.

Total length: 200 km / 124 mi 


Every day from 15/03/2021– 25/10/2021. It is not possible to start on 29/03 and 05/04


2 or more people.


Fiuggi / Rome 

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The Treasures of Latium

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