The bike path along the Danube: Vienna-Bratislava-Budapest

an 8 day cycling tour
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Pedalling in three countries: Austria, Slovakia & Hungary


The Danube bicycle path is one of the most popular destinations for cycle lovers, but it does not end in Vienna! This tour crosses three countries and follows the Danube from the capital of Austria, Vienna, to the capital of Hungary, Budapest. Only 282 kilometres are separating these two cultural pearls and there are many interesting monuments to see along the way! You will cycle in an incredible varied landscape along the famous blue Danube passing small authentic towns and villages, castles and impressive churches.

Danube bicycle path
Danube bicycle path

This lovely tour starts in VIENNA, the city of music. Vienna has always been an important town and this you can see in its architecture: Baroque palaces and gardens, museums full of art and the late-19th-century Ringstraße lined with impressive buildings, monuments and parks. The first bike ride brings you in short time outside Vienna and you enter the national park of the Donau, where the Danube is a treasure hold for animals and people. From Hainburg with its nice Philippus-und-Jakobus-Kirche, a catholic church built in 1263 and reconstructed in Baroque style to BRATISLAVA, the capital of Slovakia stretched out over both Danube riverbanks. Bratislava is a town where old and new styles are harmonious woven into one impressive whole: medieval towers, baroque palaces and grandiose 20th century architecture.


The route continues and from Komárom to Esztergom you follow again a beautiful bicycle path. After Visegrad, a small castle town, you will ride on quiet country roads until you arrive to BUDAPEST, a marvellous central-European city, the town of thermal baths, palaces in a mix of architectural styles, museums, but also with a lively nightlife in beer gardens, bohemian bars, old-fashioned restaurants & modern cafes

The daily program of the 8-day tour

Vienna, the Capital of Music, where many notable musicians like Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert, have worked and even now, music is still an important part of Vienna live and can be listened in the many opera houses. It is a town of great splendour with a mixture of medieval, baroque, liberty and modern styles. It has large avenues, fascinating sights, parks, squares and the vibrant streets showing you the grandeur of palaces and churches. There are many museums to visit, but also local markets like the Naschmarkt and typical taverns where you can enjoy the Wiener Schnitzel, Selchfleisch with Sauerkraut and pastries such as the Apfelstrudel and Sachertorte.

The tour starts close to the harbour of Vienna, where you soon enter the cycle path that crosses the Donauauen National Park, a welcome change from city noises to the silence of nature. The first stop is the town of Hainburg, a small town along the Danube. Nearby you can visit the Schlosshof castle where it is possible to make a guided tour through the fascinating world of Baroque. In the saddle again you continue along the bicycle path through the small town of Wolfsthal. Continuing through a typical river landscape  you reach the Slovakian capital Bratislava with its fairy-tale castle, outdoor markets and romantic terraces and traditional pubs in the old town centre, where you can taste a good beer, stews, goulashes and potato dumplings.

Overnight stay with breakfast in Bratislava

Distance: (68 km / 42 miles)

Leaving Bratislava you cycle along beautiful cycle paths towards the Slovakian/Hungarian border. Then passing through Dunasziget, a small town surrounded by floodplain forest and characterized by small typical Hungarian farms. The route passes the “kleine Schüttinsel” nature reserve, a small island in the Donau, a paradise for birds and fishes. You find here many different species like Gray Herons, Night Heron, Black Kite, Montagu’s Harrier, Black Stork, Brown Trout, Loach, Hungarian dogfish, Catfish and Tench.  You stay for the night in Mosonmagyaróvár. The towns Moson and Magyaróvár were united in 1939 to one town. The town has a castle from the 11th century built by King Stephen to defend the borders.


Overnight stay with breakfast in Mosonmagyaróvár

Distance: 37 km / 23 mi or 45 km / 28 mi

Today the itinerary crosses picturesque villages. Halfway route pass the castle of Hedervár, named the village and the family, which built it in the 13th century. The castle is reconstructed in the 18th century in a chateau with park. You pick up again the cycle path along the Danube that brings you to Györ, also named the ‘City of Waters’. Györ won a European price for the protection of its historical heritage and in particular the reconstruction of the baroque center.  Highlight are the Basilica of Győr with the reliquary of king Ladislaus I, the Bischop’s palace, City Art Museum and the Abbot House.


Overnight stay with breakfast in Györ

Distance: 45 km / 28 mi

Again in the saddle, you will follow the Rába river towards and across the Slovakian border. Then a nicely relaxed ride brings you to Medved’ov, a small town with only 580 inhabitants. You come to double town of Komárom/ Komárno positioned on both side of the Danube and connected by the Elisabeth bridge. The biggest part of the historical and cultural sites, are well preserved: the county and town halls, the courthouse, St. Andrews Church and the Danube Museum.  You could visit the impressive fortress of Monostor, which is built in the 19th century close to Komárom as a fortification system. You can see here also the Europe gate, a sculpture made of LiTraCon (LightTrasmittingConcrete) for  the occasion of Hungarians joining the European Union.


Overnight stay with breakfast in Komárno

Distance: 56 km / 35 mi or 64 km /40 mi

Today you pass the remains of the Roman fortress of Kelemantia in a free open-air museum.  The route continues along beautiful river-banked paths far away from traffic passing through farming villages nestled on the Slovakian riverbanks.  The next places to visit are the Slovakian Stúrovo and the Hungarian Esztergom built opposite of it. The Cathedral, worth to visit, looks out over the town with its winding streets. It is built in the 19th century in the style of the Hungarian Classicism and is the largest church of the country. The treasury houses many masterpieces of medieval goldsmith’s works.. You continue to cycle to Visegrád, positioned in the famous Danube bend. Interesting are the remains of the Early Renaissance summer palace of King Matthias Corvinus of Hungary and the medieval citadel.


Overnight stay with breakfast in Sturovo/Visegrád

Distance: 55 km / 34 mi or 69 km /43 mi

After breakfast you take the ferry (Euro 3,-) to Szob at the left riverbank and then passing along the famous “Danube Knee” bend probably the result of an volcanic eruption 15 millions of years ago. You come to Szentendre known for its many museums, galleries, and artists working here. The Open-Air Ethnographic Museum with its collection of Carpathian folk architecture and life in various areas of Hungary, is maybe the best-known museum of town. In Szentendre you can return your bike if rented and go with the S-Bahn (fast train) or by boat (€ 11,00 + bike ticket) to Budapest or you can decide to cycle all the way to Budapest and hand over your bike in the hotel.

Budapest, a city in a stunning position with a varied architectural and deep historical heritage, offering all in once culture, art, fine cuisine, a rich history of thermal baths from Roman, Turkish and European times and the most beautiful parliament building in the world!

Overnight stay with breakfast in Budapest

Distance: 32 km / 20 mi or 45 km /28 mi + 18 km / 11,2 mi by train

After breakfast end of your tour through three astonishing countries


Self guided tour
Difficulty level 2
The bike path along the Danube: Vienna-Bratislava-Budapest
an 8 day cycling tour



Easy cycling along mostly flat terrain with some small ascent & descent. For a big part you follow the river Danube. You need to have some cycle experience. Some days there is the possibility to choose between more longer and shorter rides.

Daily distances between minimum 32 km / 20 mi and maximum 69 km / 44 mi

Total km: min. 293 km / 182 mi and max. 336 km / 209 mi


Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 13 May to 18 September.


2 or more people (solo traveller on request)


Vienna / Budapest

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The bike path along the Danube: Vienna-Bratislava-Budapest

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